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Brunel MX-6T Stereomicroscope
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Brunel MX-6T Stereomicroscope

The MX series is a range of stereomicroscopes that combine durability with value for money.

Both the MX-6T and MX-7T feature an inclined binocular head with dioptric adjustment.

Interocular distance is also variable to suit the individual. Equipped with incident and transmitted lighting systems, specimens may be illuminated from above or below to aid viewing.

Two pairs of objectives are mounted in the revolving turret which has a click-stop mechanism.

Coarse focus is achieved by moving the binocular head up and down the support column, with a robust rack and pinion system providing fine focus.

Both the MX-6T (on the left in the picture above) and MX-7T have turret mounted twin objectives which allow a choice of magnifications with each model.

The MX-6T has x10 and x30 magnification and the MX-7T x20 and x40 with alteration of the magnification being achieved by rotating the turret.

Additional increased magnification is possible with x15 and x20 additional eyepieces. However the objectives are factory fitted and cannot be altered.

Eyepiecesx10 widefield
Objectives1x, 3x
Weight approx2.9kg (6.4lbs)
Price: £175.00 (inc. VAT)

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Brunel MX-7T Stereomicroscope
Brunel MX-7T Stereomicroscope
combine durability with value for money. Features are an inclined binocular head with dioptric adjustment, variable interocular distance, incident and transmitted lighting systems.
Manufacturer: Brunel
Category: Microscopes
Price: £215.00
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